SMC announces the launch of the new Lunker’s Guide


The Lunker’s Guide has been providing northwest fishing enthusiasts with valuable fishing information since 2013 and has become a major player in the sports fishing community. The key features

that The Lunker’s Guide offers users are fishing reports,¬†fishing maps, salmon and steelhead run charts and text message mobile fishing alerts that lets people know important information like season openers for specific areas, Emergency closures and alerts that let angler know when the fish are running.



For 2017 The Lunker’s Guide will be undergoing some major changes. We are currently in the process of a complete redesign of our websites to make it more user-friendly and allow users to access our content much more easily. We have had great success so far, and want to make our site even better. The most important feature with the redesign will be ease of access to our content. We want our users to be able to navigate our content seamlessly and be able to find the valuable information they want and need that is available on our site.



We’re currently about a month out on the release of the new site and look forward to providing our members a fantastic experience on every web page. The key elements of our upgrade will be an improved mobile experience, faster page load speeds, and simplified navigation. We at the Lunker’s Guide strive to make planning your next fishing adventure the best one possible and look forward to serving you for years to come.



Other changes coming down the pike are the development of our native mobile App called Angler Nav. Upon the release of Angler Nav, ¬†Lunkers guide members will have free access to all the premium content within the Angler Nav app. This app will provide users with the same valuable content available on the Lunker’s Guide with added social features like sharing your latest catch, Being able to like other members catches, Social chat features, GPS navigation to all the fishing locations within our database and push notifications that will eventually replace the current text message alerts we provide.


Stay tuned for all the great things coming, we are excited to be a part of the Northwest fishing scene and look forward to another great year.



John W. J. Snyder

President and CEO


Snyder Media Corp.

[email protected]






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