April 1, 2015


 Web Development



Snyder Media Corp. offers affordable high end web development services.


We at SMC have been building websites since 2005 and have several successful sites within our portfolio.

Most business owners simply don’t have the time to learn and understand the modern principals of web design. We however do understand these principals and create beautiful high quality websites that are SEO optimized and mobile friendly. Even better we do so for a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else.

We primarily develop self hosted WordPress sites, because our clients find it to be the easiest content management system that allows them to take control of their own sites after our initial design work is finished. Not a WordPress fan? We can develop your site on any platform you choose like Drupal, Megento, Joomla, Zoho and more. Looking for cloud hosted options like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace? We can develop those for you as well. Need a shopping cart for your site like WooCommerce, or ecwid? We e have been integrating shopping cart software since we started in the web development industry back in 2005. How about plugging in your merchant account? No merchant account equals no automated payment and deposits into your bank account. We help our clients set up their merchant account plug it into their websites. We can help your set up your Paypal account, Square, Stripe and several others. We understand the importance of being able to accept money in an online world. We can help you find the best fit for your project and take care of the rest. After that, you just sit back and watch the money roll.

Another feature we offer that separates Snyder Media Corp. from the competition is that we are looking out for you. We ensure that our clients sites are always up and running and working right. A down site or and a site with corrupted code can affect your bottom line. This is why we provide regular site maintenance such as monthly backups, database cleaning and plugin updates all free as part of our basic service for SMC hosted websites. Even better our web hosting and domain registration fees are among the most affordable in the industry.

If you’re looking for web development services that are not only affordable, but high quality, check out our WordPress packages.  If you are looking to go with another website CMS platform or looking for hand coded options contact us today to discuss your project. We strive to bring about the absolute best experience you’ll ever have when developing your site.


Directory Listings / Classified Advertising


Listing in online directories and classifieds can help boost your SEO


One powerful but almost forgotten SEO tactic are directory and classified listings. Online directories provide added exposure for your business and help to boost your link profile. Why is this important? It’s fairly simple, these directories can provide additional traffic to your site and the links can help to boost your organic search rank on Google and Bing. Even though directories can be very effective, there are a few important factors to consider. First is the page authority of the directory or classifieds site and next is the relevance of the content on the site compared to yours.

For starters, every business should have a local listing in Google local listing, Bing and Yahoo as a starting point. It’s free! and it’s vital for helping you business pop up at the top of local searches.  There are ton’s of other directories as well that can be beneficial to your business. For example DEX, Yellow pages, Yelp, Travel Adviser and more. Many offer a free trails or free basic listings but are not considered as effective as paid their paid listings. Another powerful and inexpensive directory is Craigs List. Many businesses have had significant conversions on Craigs List, including our organization.

There are also several classifieds out there that can produce results. List your business in popular or local news organizations classifieds sections, it’s inexpensive and can boost your SEO. Lastly there are Niche Directories. These directories offer content that is relevant to a specific Niche like one our our sites Northwest Fishing Directory. These directories may not rank as high as some of the massive directories or news organizations but they will help to boost your rank as well only on average niche directories are much less expensive for premium listings.

Be aware there are also several spam directories that can hurt your business rather than benefit it. Google friendly directories will require your businesses full contact info, address, phone, e-mail and websites. Directories that don’t require this information are more than likely link factories which if penalized by Google can have a negative result on your SEO if your listed with them.

Contact Snyder Media Corp today if you would like information on our directory listing services. We practice white hat SEO tactics and manually list your business, to the directories or classifieds you choose. No robot listing. We also have a strong presence in the sport fishing industry with over 30 directories that can effectively promote you fishing or outdoors related products.


Social Media Marketing


Use Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your site improve conversions and boost SEO.


Social Media has become a vital tool for online success and every business should invest in their social presence. Social media gives prospects the ability to learn about your company and interact with it on the social platforms they prefer. At a minimum you should have at least a Facebook, and Twitter page, LinkedIn can be great for networking and developing contacts in your industry. Google+ is great for getting your content indexed in Googles search engine right away.

So how does the magic happen in the world of Social Media? Well first you’ll need to join and build a profile. Create your business page, and publish quality content on your social pages. Once you have done that, you can now either pay for advertising on these social platforms or you can be more hands on and share your posted content on friends pages or in groups related to your industry. This is sometimes referred to as content marketing. If done properly you’ll find that this method of marketing is effective at driving quality traffic to your website that on average converts at a higher rate than other tactics.

If you’re looking to build your Social Media presence or would like more information about social media marketing contact SMC to find out more.


E-mail Marketing



Take control of your companies destiny and generate massive revenue with e-mail marketing


E-mail marketing is one of the most effective means by which a business can use to build more clients and generate significant revenue. Think out this, billions of e-mails and sent around the world every day. In regards to conducting business, e-mail has been found to have one of the highest conversion rates as a method for generating sales.

E-mail service provider giant, Constant Contact claims, that the average return on investment from e-mail marketing is $38 for every dollar spent. However spam regulations has changed the rules in regards to how the game is played. This requires that e-mail marketers adhere to a code of ethics in there marketing marketing efforts.

Among them are opt in only e-mail lists. These are e-mails that someone opted into freely giving their e-mail to receive your information. Best practices are to create opt pages of your own and build your list organically. You can also purchase targeted lists but be sure to purchase from a trusted source. when you buy lists test and confirm the quality of the list.

There is nothing worse that purchasing a bad list, but if you find a reputable company like Exact Data as well as others, you’ll usually find that they will replace any bounced records with new ones. Also be aware that if you purchase a list most e-mail service providers like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Mail Chimp, and Benchmark do not condone or allow the use of purchases lists.

If you use a purchased list with one of the services mentioned above you may have your account blocked or your list removed from there system all together. You can however send e-mails through your own servers, you’ll just need to be aware that if you over do so, you could have your domain put on a spam list. If this occurs your e-mail will be blocked by the majority of the ISP.

A purchased list can however be effective, just don’t expect to see as high of a conversion rates with an organically grown list with prospect warm to your service. Also always be sure to remind the people on your list that at some point they oped into requesting information about the service you offer and the ability to unsubscribe.

If your looking for help with growing your e-mail list, we can build custom e-mail opt in pages and help drive people to your offer to capture quality e-mails. This method however takes a fairly significant amount of time. We also have  paid e-mail list that are significantly less expensive than our competitors. For more information on our e-mail marketing services contact us today to discuss your marketing strategy.



Banner Advertising 




Banner advertising is still one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and drive traffic to your site. 


In a recent article by blogger Stephanie Sundheimer of Web Asender it was found that internet users who are re-targeted with banner ads, are 70% more likely to convert. another benefit of Banner advertising is that Banner ads are generally less expensive than pay per click because advertisers charge by the impressions rather than click through ration. Fees are by CPM “Cost Per 1000 Impressions.”  On average, the higher the site ranks the more expensive the “CPMDynamic banner ads tend to be more effective than static because they catch the users attention. Static ads are less effective due the the likely hood of ad blindness, which occurs when a user sees the same ad over and over again.  Ads that are displayed on every page are more effective for brand recognition that rotating ads which continually change, based on a rotation schedule.

Ad placement is also a key factor. Google best practices for ad placement recommends placing ads in the upper fold because it will provide the best user experience, thus considered proper SEO. Banner ads are a great way to generate brand recognition and should be a part of any businesses online advertising portfolio.

We at Snyder Media Corp. offer banner advertising on all of our websites. Currently our network consists of website the target the outdoor sports industry. We’re growing all the time and expect to offer additional demographics in the future. If your business is in the outdoor sports industry and you would like to place your banner ads on one of our sites. Contact us today! for more info on our banner ad rates.


Featured Articles / Sponsored Content

Guest posting opportunities such as sponsored s articles have become an SEO mainstay in today’s digital market.


It’s undeniable that guest posing or sponsored articles have proven to produce positive effects on a websites content marketing strategy as well as backlink profile. At SMC we offer sponsor post opportunities on all our websites. The pricing is based on the sites web traffic, PA and overall web rank. One of the biggest benefits is that guest post are considered permanent content that will remain on the site for the life of the site. However after two years we reserve the right to remove a sponsored article in the event the posing entity is no longer in business or we need to free up space on our servers.

All guest post must be a minimum for 500 words and include not less the two images that do not infringe on any  copyrights. Only two links will be allowed. The content provided must meet our criteria to be accepted and be informative original work. Grammatical and spelling error free. We will also check all content for plagiarism. plagiarized content will be immediately rejected and never allowed on our sites. We will only allow quality relevant content and it must appear natural to the content the site provides.

If you feel you can meet our standards feel free to contact us for pricing.


Thank you for reviewing our services, we at Snyder Media Corp. look forward to serving you in an online world.




John W. J. Snyder 

President and CEO

Snyder Media Corp.


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