Why you should promote your guide service with Snyder Media Corp?

Since 2015 Snyder Media Corp. has been taking the sports fishing industry by storm. We are a premier digital media firm and publisher of over 35 informational websites that specifically target the sports fishing industry.

These sites have taken hold in the search engines and many rank on the first page of Google for keyword terms that focus on guide services in the region making our sites the perfect solution for businesses who want to get their business ranked for high competition keywords.



Web Development


Need a website? Snyder Media offers some of the most affordable web development and hosting services in the industry.

We can build you a simple one-page website or a full e-commerce site with booking engine and merchant account services that will allow online payments sent from your site straight to your bank account.

Even better we will optimize your site to rank for the Keyword terms that will most benefit your business. We have done it over and over again on our client’s sites and our own and can do it for you.


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Snyder Media Corp hunting and fishing directories



List your Business in SMC Directories


Our websites consist of several fishing forums, sports fishing related business directories, and fishing informational sites for outdoors sports enthusiast. Since we launched our first in 2014 we have generated tons of web traffic from fishing enthusiasts around the globe with the largest concentration of visitors originating in the Pacific Northwest as well as West coast regions of the United States.

These sites provide the perfect medium to promote your guide service with over 5 million visits from fishing enthusiasts last year we can get you in front of the perfect audience to promote your sports fishing related goods and services.


This is also one of our most affordable marketing services. You can literally list your business for pennies on the dollar with monthly listing rates as low as $5.99 per month or $24.99 for the year. We also offer multi-annual listing deals for even greater savings exclusively here from our corporate site.


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Social Media Marketing


Every savvy business owner today understand the owner of Social Media Marketing. We at Snyder Media Corp. have developed a Social media strategy that focusses one of the largest of the social media outlets in the world. Facebook! When we launched our company we created Facebook pages for every single website we own.

Then took it a step further leveraging the power of Facebook by creating several Facebook fishing groups. As a result, we currently own 11 Facebook fishing groups that have a total membership of over 30,000 members. This has created the perfect social outlet for promoting our clients and has been the driving force for sending traffic to our own websites.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Want your business on the first page of Google. SMC specializes in SEO and helping businesses rapidly rank in the search engines for highly desirable targeted keywords. We have achieved this over and over again not only with our client’s websites but our own as well.


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Sponsored Articles 


Another great SEO service we offer is our sponsored article submission services. This is one of the best ways to not only tell people more about why your goods and services are so great but produce excellent SEO results as well. When you submit your article with us we allow two keyword rich anchor text links to your site.

If you don’t have an article of your own for an additional charge we will write a perfectly optimized article for you that will boost your result in the search engines this is one of the most effective methods of building links to your site and helping your rank of highly targeted keywords.


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E-mail Marketing

One of the great benefits of owning several websites is that we have built a huge base of e-mail subscribers who want our fishing information. We send out over 600,000 e-mails a year to fishing enthusiasts and they lost our content. If you want to reach a large audience this is the way to go.


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Banner Advertising


Grow your brand, promote your business on SMC websites to hunting and fishing enthusiast throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We cover from Alaska to California and have the perfect audience for hunting and fishing related businesses.

We offer above the fold and below the fold placements that will get your brand in front of the exact target audience most likely to buy your goods and services.

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Package Deals


We also offer package deals for businesses looking to grow their client base and increase brand recognition in the region. SMC can help you get your business in front of the people most likely to buy your goods and services. Our package deals combine multiple marketing services for a synergistic effect that will drive more traffic to your sites, increase your rank in the search engine and grow your client base.


Contact us today to get a customized marketing package and launch your business to the next level.




John W. J. Snyder

President / CEO


Snyder Media Corp.


[email protected]




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