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If you own a fishing guide service and a website, then you understand the importance of ranking on the first page of Google. The only problem is that it can become very costly very fast to rank in the search engines. However with a little time and effort you can get your site to rank For Free! and here are the top five tactics that will get you ranking and help you to achieve first page results.

1.) Backlinks – Backlinks are links from another site to yours. Quality back links are still the cornerstone of any SEO campaign and are essential if you want to rank in the search engines. How to get these backlinks are fairly simple but require some work on your part. There are several ways to gain quality backlinks but first there are a few key factors that need to be taken into consideration. Not all backlinks are created equal. When it comes to getting rank, Google looks at a few elements that need to be taken into consideration. First is the rank of the site that is linking to yours, and next is relevancy of the content on the site linking to your site.

High ranking relevant links carry the most weight when trying to improve your websites SEO. The higher the rank and relevancy of the site, provides your site with more link juice than that of low ranking none relevant sites. In turn if you have only a few links from high-ranking relevant sites, the higher your site will rank. The old days of more links are better is not so true today. Although having more sites linking to yours is still of value, relevant sites that rank are phenomenally more valuable.

On the flip side, poor quality links can hinder your sites SEO. In this case you will want to remove links that are of low relevancy and low rank to improve your rank and overall SEO. To get the links you need first consider contacting the major players in your industry and see if they will do a link trade. Basically trade a link from their site to yours and you link from your site to theirs.

Another way is to advertise on big sites that pertain to your industry. For example if you own a site about fishing then advertise on sites like, NW Fishing News, Lunker’s Guide and more. Find the top sites and advertise there. Directories- list your business in as many directories as you can that pertain to your business. For example Northwest Fishing Directory,  Fishaholics Northwest, Legendary Fishing Guides, Washington Guides and Charters, Buoy 10 Charters , Fishing the Columbia, Oregon Guide Services and so on. The links you’ll gain from these sites will drive your business to the top of Google. Plus you’ll be marketing to the audience that use these sites as well.

2.) Social signals – In today’s market you absolutely must have a social presence. Google takes into account social activity when it comes to ranking your website. If you haven’t done so already, at a minimum you’ll need to fire up a company Facebook page, and Twitter page. There are some other great social outlets as well that can produce results like Reddit and Instagram and will help benefit your rank as well. The key to helping your site rank on the social networks is simple.

Share your content and link it to your website. The goal is to gain likes and shares and hopefully provide quality content that people want to talk about. Even better you can target the exact audience that would be interested in your product or services buy joining groups that relate to your business.

Share your content in relevant groups and your sure to get more traffic and more customers as well as increase your sites search engine rank. Here are a few groups for fishing guides that we recommend, Fishaholics Northwest , Washington Fishing Forum, Beaver State Fishing Freaks,  Fishing California, and Alaska Fishing Forum. These are among just a few there are hundreds of fishing groups on Facebook that are perfect for targeting your businesses demographic audience.

3.) Content – Content is king! So many website owners either don’t have time or the interest to produce quality content that will gain traction in the search engine. Think about this, almost all the top ranking web sites produce high quality content. We are talking a minimum of 500 words or more that include relevant images pertaining to the story your trying to tell. If you want to rank in the search engines you’ll need to produce content and lots of it.

Rich articles about fishing in the specific regions that you service with captivating images to help tell the story of the great experience users will have if they hire you to take them on their next fishing trip. When your on the water, be sure to take lots of photo’s. You can’t afford to skip this step. Plus you’ll need to be sure and take landscape shots versus portrait as they will populate better on the web when sharing on the social networks.

4.) On Page SEO – Key words are essential to driving organic search traffic to your site. you’ll need to understand your target audience and know what kinds of search terms they use to find information on the web as it pertains to your business. There are several ways to find key words and use them in your content to gain traction in the search engines. Google offers some of the most effective and free tools you can use to find these key words and ensure you’re targeting the exact audience who will best want your companies goods and services.

5.) E-mail Marketing – E-mail is still one of the most powerful tools to help push traffic to your site and drive customers to action. In addition a properly formatted e-mail will provide anchor text with links to your site that will help build those backlinks that will get your site to the top of Google.

Every website should have a e-mail capture system. This allows you to build your e-mail list and market your goods and services to that list. Some SEO professionals believe that a quality e-mail list is the most valuable asset you’ll ever have. The reason being is that this list is controlled by you and no one else. Even if your site has no ranking at all your e-mail list is a well of potential revenue you can go to again and again. Build your e-mail list and convert more sales.

These are among the most important methods we at SMC use every day to increase our sites rank, drive in revenue and build our client base over and over again. Best of all it can all be done for free. It’s simply a matter of investing your time to use these techniques and drive your sites rank to the top of Google.



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