30,000 Reasons you should promote your business with SMC on Facebook

As you know Facebook has become a real market driver for many businesses. If you don’t have a Facebook presence in today’s market your loosing thousands of potential customers.

At SMC we have developed a fantastic way to promote goods and services to the sport fishing consumer of Facebook. How? By firing up several Facebook groups dedicated to sport fishing.


So what are the 30,000 reason you should choose us? It’s simple, our Facebook fishing groups have over 30,000 members. If you’re looking to target sport fishing enthusiasts there is no better demographic that our membership. Why? Because our members love to fish!


Just look at this list of groups.



SMC Facebook Fishing Groups


Fishaholics Northwest

12,341 Members



Washington Fishing Forum

2,391 Members


Alaska Fishing Forum

2,394 Members


Beaver State Fishing Freaks

Beaver State Fishing Freaks

2,873 Members


California Fishing Forums

Fishing California

4,084 Members


cod fishing

Cod Fishing

1,310 Members



Channel Cat fishing

1,235 Members


Halibut Hunters

Halibut Hunters

1,737 Members


Ultimate Bass Fishing

Ultimate Bass fishing

1,245 Members


Walleye Fishing Northwest

Walleye Fishing Northwest

1,270 Members


Musky Pike Madness

Musky Pike Mayhem

1,303 Members


Total Membership 32,183 members


You can promote your business in just one of our groups for only $50 per year, or you can promote your business in all of them for $100 per year.


You simply will not find a better deal than that anywhere to reach this many fishing enthusiasts


If you would like to promote your goods and services to our members contact me

John Snyder at 206-450-7947

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